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WoMoz Warangal'14

This time Mozilla Club Warangal came up with this extremely wonderful event especially for girls-"WoMoz Warangal'14".Actually,we planned this event on 9th august,but due to few reasons we preponed it to 28th july.God has a reason behind everything that happens.And yea,this event made my opinion strong.Cause,if we would have done it on 9th,we wouldn't have got this huge response.

As we preponed the event,we were under lot of pressure,my joining date was nearing and the only thing that I had in my mind is to make this event and make female students be part of open source and mozilla community.I was ready for the challenge."When god has put something on my heart to do,I can do it",I strongly believed in this.I made the mozillians and my friends this thought of mine.And,the team responded so positively that they immediately reacted and we started planning accordingly.

We only had a week time in our hands and we didn't waste a single day.We spent each and every day in making preparations.We even went for campaigning to reach maximum female students.We released a teaser for this event and we did all those things that we planned to do on 9th.may be we couldn't have done this wonderful if it was on 9th.The only objective is to increase female contribution in FOSS and Mozilla.

Finally,the day has come and we got into action.We executed our plan well,all the teams co-operated so well.Though it was raining heavily that day,we got our target participants.Around 250 girls from various engineering colleges came up to the venue.When I went into the auditorium,I was shocked to it packed and we started it by a formal inaguration and after that we started with the sessions.In the morning session,I covered the womoz and then on I moved with the basic concepts of Javascript and it was a Hands-on session.After the lunch,we divided the strength into two batches who can choose either Webmaker or Localization where app development and firefox os were made mandatory.All these were Hands-on sessions.Later,we collected video feedbacks.Certificates were distributed to all the participants and the active participants were shortlisted and asked to collect goodies.

At the end of the day,trust me,we were able to satisfy all the 250 participants and am very much sure that this program gonna give community a good number of female contributors.My Inbox overflew with messages.I received around 70-80 mails who felt that this event really helped them knowing the WoMoz platform and many of them wanted to have a womoz club in their college and asked to conduct many such events.

I am overwhelmed with such an awesome response.I am so happy that I met the event metrics and especially made the participants feel a worthy day.It's time to mention few people whom you can consider as the hero's of the event:Hemanth,Ajay Jogawath,Bhargav Gupta and Maniraj, Who worked so hard and encouraged me.Santhosh-Rep from Hyderabad,who came here without any hesitation and who took the app development session.The Balaji college Mozilla club members:Vijay,Bala and Sandeep.The registration desk members:Bharathi,Sindhu,Srujana,etc,who are also now the members of WoMoz Warangal Group and The person who captured these memorable event:Samarpan Raj.My Mentor Mr.Gautam Raj,who is very supportive.The man behind the designing and teaser creation:Akash Harsha.The Jayamukhi Group Of Institutions for providing the venue.Each one of you,thak you so much for being with me and making this possible.Above all,to all the female participants,Thank you so much and WoMoz is ready to welcome you all!!

Yes,am proud of organising such a wonderful event and yes,"We Women make Web better" :).
These are the links of flickr and feedback videos,hope you like them :D
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Monday, 7 July 2014


Hello all!!Few months back we came up with a program called "Moztarang",to educate high school students from government schools regarding open source & mozilla community.Now,the extension to the this program with (spiced up ;)) is "MozKidz",where students will be given a chance to develop web pages using a tool called Thimble under the Web-Maker project from the Mozilla Club JITS.(Mozilla Community Warangal).

To be frank,this is the most awesome event that i have been part of as an organizer.Because,it's not always easy to make school children understand regarding the development and making web,holding their interest and concentration is itself a big task ;).But,I and other speakers,Bhargav Gupta,Hemanth,Ajay,Maniraj and Shasha,we were successful at it.On 28th of this month,at Shanthiniketan High School(Mai & Sasha were the students of this school;)),planned this event,where there were 80 students who attended this program,all of them were full of energy,bright and bold.We started with the concepts of computers where the terminology like,Data-Memory-Storage were dealt(these were the answers from them,shocked to listen them from students of 8th grade).and then we moved to the kinds of s/w and made them to understand the difference b/w proprietary ad open source s/w's(Using an example such as:"a birthday chocolate is open source,free and a chocolate that you buy from a shop is proprietary ;)",they have connected to this).Later on the concepts of web and then we introduced the webmaker project,html tags and asked students to make few projects(Hands-on).

Believe me,these students raised so many questions (happy that we cleared them),they can hack fb profiles,they are good at JavaScript and we ended discussing about network security and pass-phrases.It was an all together fun-filled,technical program,that too with these chota-bombs ;).

It's always a test to deal with such amazing students,ad the feed back was too good,they want a regular program scheduled for this which includes JS classes :).Thanks to Ajay,Hemanth,Bharga,Mani and specially Sasha for planning it and arranging things to make this a memorable event.Trust me,you need to interact with such kids to know yourself better.Thanks for the school management for the co-operation and yea i promise to make many such things and the team of MCW will always be ready :)
Here's a video link regarding the feedback:

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A Holiday

That morning,she closed all the doors and windows.Took a yellow sari,tied it to the fan,stood on the stool,ready to hang herself,all set to commit suicide.She kicked the stool and she couldn't breath,she was sweating,she was dying.And finally,she was dead,hanging.

Suddenly,she-Ms.Sameera Subramanyam,Senior S/W Engineer,5 feet 3 inches,26 year old,got up from her bed.It was her dream,she sweated a lot,rushed to refrigerator and drank the whole bottle.she looked at the clock in the hall,it was 6.00 AM.She took a deep breath.She sat alone for an hour and then she decided to die.Sameera is a fair,confident and ambitious lady.She got into corporate word when she was 21 with many dreams and to make it big.She always wanted to create a brand for her and was successful at it.To all her colleagues ,it seemed as if promotions and benefits were created only for her.She was a jovial girl.But from the past 2 years,her career growth wasn't high.She became dull,serious, lost her own self.She lives alone in a furnished flat and always preferred being alone.Sameera decided to die and wanted to commit suicide.But she didn't want her body to be postmortemed.She didn't want her death to be published in the newspapers.She didn't want media discussions regarding her death and above all her parents being questioned for the reasons.So,she wanted to go away from this place,a place where no one can come in search of her and where she can take her last breath,where no one will be aware of her death.Sam immediately got up and grabbed her family photograph and kept it in her handbag and drove herself in her car but she has no idea regarding where to go.She stopped at a signal,heard two people discussing about the hike in the train tickets rate,and yea she started riding to the railway station.She came inside,she kept walking and she sat at one of the platforms,thinking and thinking.

A boy of 6-feet,fair with a funky hair style,who wore a red T-shirt and cream baggy pants with headphones hanging around his neck approached sam."Hello mam,have you heard the announcement regarding the guwahati express?i missed it.Yehi platform pe aanewali h kya?".Sam was in her world.Again this boy stressed her,"Hello madamji?hello..??".Sam got irritated ad yelled at him "What do you want?Why the hell are you asking me?You guys don't make any delay in stalking a girl,harrassing her,molesting her...".The boy was shocked," Stop stop,omg,i was just asking about the train,aap tho bahut bade bade words use karre,omg molest,harass,that too an innocent kid like me??".Sam didn't give a damn.A train arrived and Sam without any second thought got inside.she sat there.The train started,she looked above,and was shocked to see that boy there.She shouted at him "Acha,this is your plan,idiot!".The boy was amused.It was getting dark,the TC came in asked her to show her ticket,She said that she doesn't have it and she doesn't even know where this train heads to.Eveyone in the train were shocked at her answer.The boy got down and convinced TC that she is his relative and they are travelling together to darjeeling and as her uncle passed away she couldn't get her ticket.Paid the fine and managed him.He asked her to share the berth with him.

As there is no other choice she accepted.Returned his money and apologized.She said,"Am sorry,i thought that you were stalking me and thanks.".The boy smiled and said,"No problem,it happens,by the way,am Ayaan Ganguly,recently placed i an MNC.How about you?"
"Sameera Subramanyam,Senior SWE at a company and please no more questions regarding me and my travel".Ayaan laughed,"Omg,you are a senior employee,i need to be good with you.You can refer me na"winked at her.She smiled.Ayaan and Sam fell asleep at the opposite ends of the berth.The next day she was silent ad didn't eat anything either.Ayaan didn't want to disturb her.It was night again and he started packing his belongings.Sam was amused and asked him what is he hurrying about?he replied that he is going to get down at the next station as he is going to darjeeling.Sam thought that as darjeeling is a hill station she can find valleys to jump from and thought of getting down there.She got down and Ayaan was shocked.he asked her,"Why did you get down and where will you go?",she replied that she doesn't know anything."Okay mistery madam,you can come to our guesthouse if you would like to".Sam thought that this fellow might me misguiding and may be taking her to some red light kind of area and planning to trap her.Ayaan smelled it and said,"Am not kidnapping you,hahaha,i too have two elder sisters and i know how to treat and respect women,so you can trust me,it's not safe for you to be here,come there and leave tomorrow".She nodded and he in a taxi dropped her at his guest house,"This is the house we gifted for our elder sister during her shadi,she rarely visits this place and you can use her wardrobe,see you,good night."He spoke with the watch man and left.Sam got inside,it's a small but lovely house.She saw food being served to her,had some and fell asleep.

Next day morning Ayaan came and knocked the door,Sam opened it,She was in his sisters salwar,he liked it.He asked her to come out of the house,she wasn't interested but he urged her and when she came out she was struckdumb.It was all green,the tea garden and she was at the center of it,the cool breeze blew her mind.The snow and fog was mesmerizing."Mast he na??"She replied yes and smiled. Ayaan told her that he couldn't take her to his home because his parents will ask random questions regarding her.She said it's okay.He smiled and asked her to come for a ride so that he can show her some beautiful places.She didn't want to but couldn't say no,she sat on his bike and he started riding it slowly,the curves,the greenary,the fog and the droplets of rain,she enjoyed everything.He stopped at a road side restaurant and got some hot "momos" and asked her to eat,"Eat these momos,famous food,taste it you will say woww",she smiled and ate them,the steam cooked momos in that cold weather was really wonderful combination.He told her that they have a tea business and tea gardens here and his father looks after them.He drove her to the wonderful place,Kanchenjunga mountain.She was so happy to see that wonderful scenery.Slowly,the clouds moved and sun light just got in.That warm feeling...uff.Ayaan is a good photographer,he wanted to click her pictures but she was apprehensive and was against it,but Ayaan without her knowledge captured her constantly.Then he took her to the famous Tiger hill,She sat there for hours watching the sun set.He drove her back to the guest house.She was living every moment of her life.Enjoyed the dum aloo served for dinner.She felt her life.

With so much of laughter and she hit bed that night ad the second day Ayaan took her to the chowrasta for shopping,she shopped so many things,he captured all those moments and she danced with the locales, ate with them and she was enjoying herself and she didn't stop Ayaan this time from clicking her pictures and started posing instead.Ayaan smiled.Sameera noticed something written on Ayaan's tee shirt.She read it loud,"I have fallen for you..,hahaha what is this now ha??",Ayaan-"Really??waise b itne smart jo hu,"Ayaan winked.She warned him that she is 3 years elder to him.They shared a light moment and she was back to the house.That night she couldn't sleep and suddenly this thought came in,that she was here to die,what was she doing and then early morning she got up rushed in hurry with all tears in her eyes.

Ayaan saw her and followed her.She reached a valley and had a look at her family photo and decided to jump.She was at the corner,crying,Ayaan came near,stooped her,"Sameera?what are you doing?",She replied,"Am committing suicide,i want to die!",Ayaan laughed loud,"HAHAHAHA...stop kidding sameera!",She slapped him hard and shouted,"I came here to die,to die",and fell down crying.Ayaan felt something wrong,Sameera again yelled,"I was sexually being harrased and abused at my company by my senior employee,he blackmails me of giving bad feed back about me.I made this career and i can't this happen to me.Am 26 and not married,pressurre from my parents to get married have family and questions from friends,why are you still single?I was cheated by my best friend in a business and all the fake friends around me,all these made me sick.Am tired of living.I can't complain,everyone doubts on my character instead ,if i do,what else can i do than dying??"and cried.Ayaan felt sorry for her,he stated saying,"So,you wanted to die?will that solve all your problems?is that the only solution everyone has?You are running away from these, not fighting.If you die?what's next?Your boss keeps harassing other girls,your friend keeps cheating and your family will force your younger sister to get married!!You can't let this happen. Everyone has problems.You need only courage to find solutions to them.Lord rama and sita would have killed themselves instead.No problem will stay longer Sameera,trust me,it's just a phase.Orphans,handicapped,labour..every one are fighting out there every day,still they are happy,they all could have chosen death but they chose life.We all are born to live,love,pray,help,cry,laugh,feel,shout  and to feel all emotions of life,not to die Sameera!Thank god every moment.He gave you life to live not to end forcefully.Give chances to your soul to rejuvenate."

They heard at lady screaming for help and between their conversation both of them rushed,a lady asked them to help in delivering her daughter's baby,as it was raining heavily they couldn't go anywhere.Sameera went out to help and she saw the pain and she took the baby in her hands and felt how wonderful birth and life is all about and felt that how her mother raised her and the pain she took to give her life and she... thought of ending it?,she hated her thought of suicide.She cried and came back to Ayaan and hugged him so tight that he couldn't breath.It was a friendly hug from her but Ayaan was on cloud 9.He was feeling different.Sam said,"Am so stupid ayaan,that i thought of ending such a beautiful life!thank you so much,please could you give me your phone,mine is switched off,i want to call my mom,and arrange things to leave,i want to go back and face the world".he nodded and she called her mom,"Hello amma?","Sammu??where are you dear,no call from 6 days and how are you?","Am okay amma,call you tomorrow,thank you amma for bearing all pains to bring me into this world".Her mom was shocked.Sameera packed her things and reached the station along with Ayaan.They sat there,waiting for the train to come.Ayaan didn't want Sameera to leave,he wanted her for the rest of his life.But he was apprehensive to share his feelings.Sameera naughtily asked him the same thing that Ayaan asked her when he met her at the station for first time,"guwahati express yehi platform pe aayegina?",Ayaan responded,"You girls won't leave a chance in stalking a boy",they laughed.

The train came,she boarded,he gave a gift pack and asked her to open it when the train starts.She accepted.The train moved,she got it,Ayaan wasn't feeling good.He feared to loose her.The train went away.Sameera opened it,it was an album with her pictures smiling,playing,making faces.There's a letter,she opened it,"See Sam,how wonderful and beautiful you look when you are happy and alive.The nature and life is the beautiful combination.Never end it.Smile happy-Ayaan".Tears rolled from her cheeks and she wiped them off and felt asleep.Next day,she got down and went back to her flat had some rest,got ready and drove to her office.She found that she forgot her mobile in Ayaan's car,she thought of calling him but she doesn't remember his number.These days mobiles don't let you ;).She reached the office,filed a complaint against her boss in the HR department everyone was surprised,she warned him that she is not among those who keeps silent.She spoke with the team of HR and within an hour the news went viral.She came outside the cabin,her friend Darshini took her name loud,"Sameera,a call for you from your mobile,to my phone",Sam was amused ,she took the call,"Hello?","Hello,Ayaan here,you forgot your mobile","Yes ayaan!"."Don't you want it back?"Ayaan asked.Sam was silent,"Come down,and take it".Sam was shocked,"What?",She rushed down and saw him standing under a tree.She was awestruck.She ran and hugged him tightly.The same kinda hug!!He told her that he got into the train along with her.He whispered,"Now don't leave me and go,i can't get inside your office,they won't allow me".She said "what?".He answered her,"It's time where the petrol rates are so high,yet i took you to so may rides and why the hell would any guy would do that unless he loves her??yes,I love you sameera!!",Sameera couldn't stop laughing,and said,"I won't refer you,is that okay?"They laughed again and hugged."Ayaan,i will be back i have forgotten to sign few papers" and rushed back to the office.Everyone was all praise for her bold act. Darshini poked her,"Where did you disappear for a week?Without any prior information?".Sameera turned at her with a broad smile and said,"A Holiday".

Thanks for reading,"Life is to live not to end."

The 3 Magical Words

Hello all,this time am back with a 'Love-Story'.Yes,you are reading it right,i have been hearing to many crushes and so-called love stories of my friends and class mates.So,i came up with a love story created by me,which is unique in it's own way and completely based on my observations.These characters are purely imaginative and if at all any one relates to any of the characters and incidents i would be more than happy about by observation skills.Okay,let's get into the story :)

It's 2005 and Avira Sharma,a girl with medium height and wavy hair,pretty in her own way.She's a girl of Joy,a girl of happiness and a girl with brain ;) got into the cities famous university campus as an engineering student with her 2 best buddies priya and deepak,who are her besties since +2.She is a foodie,talks a lot and loud,bubbly,fearless,who mostly prefers wearing skirts(she feels that,long skirts can cover her heels and she can look tall ;)) and friends rarely saw her blushing.She is good at her acad's too.After 3-4 months she made herself comfortable in the campus.One fine day,as part of her daily routine headed to the central canteen to have her favorite strawberry ice-cream.

She was with the ice cream talking to other bunch of students around her,imitating that day's lecturer(her voice was only audible in the canteen) and then her eyes  involuntarily moved on to a guy,who seemed damn cute and lovely to her.She couldn't take her eyes off from this guy who looked stylish in his own way,laughing classy with his friends.Suddenly,that guy could find it and he looked at avira and she, with in seconds,moved her eye-balls and got into the conversation with her friends again. Both of them,in between their conversations,tried to look at each other from the corner of their eyes :).She didn't want to leave the canteen that day,but her friends made her to come out,then avira showed this guy to priya,"Look at that guy in green shirt!Don't do it immediately,he will get to know,observe him slowly".

And priya,did'nt give a damn to her word,immediately went and saw that guy.That guy noticed this.Priya came up and asked avira,what's so special about him.Avira started blushing,"Just look at him,he's so cute and his smile,ufff..".Priya was shocked and some how managed to take her back to the hostel.The very next day,during lunch break,priya started telling the details of the guy to avira."The guy you showed me yesterday,He is Abhay Thomas,a student from law school,he will be out of the campus in 2007,people call him AB".Avira was shocked,and priya could read that expression of "How did you get this?" on her face.

Priya blasted a bomb that, deepak was school mate of AB.Avira was so happy,she was on cloud 9 and blushed again and again and she felt the name 'tom' would be cute and apt for him.That evening she couldn't wait to go to canteen.And her eyes started searching for him,she found him at the corner,he observed this,he blushed too.AB is a guy who speaks less,laughs classy.He wanted avira to come and sit at his table and avira wanted him to greet her.Then the saviour entered,deepak.He sat with the girls and found AB aka Tom sitting alone,he called him to their table.Avira's stomach filled with butterflies.Tom sat opposite to her.They both wanted to stare at each other,but both couldn't even look at each other's face.If at all,any eye contact was made,avira would suddenly move her eye-balls.

Both of them could feel a magical spark between them.A feeling that was so magical.They waited for evenings, to have a glance at each other with the help of this common friend at the canteen.Days passed but they never spoke to each other,their eyes spoke a lot than the words.Avira would get shy,blush silent and her heart beat was too high when tom was around.And tom,he would just enjoy this magic,felt the same.It became a daily routine for both of them,at canteen.Suddenly their faces would bleam with joy when ever they come across each other.Avira wouldn't be in her skin,she eats less infront of tom,she would speak in low voice,she wouldn,t even burp!she felt that it would be embarassing before him.AB aka tom on the other hand,he tried to charm her more.Avira spent more than the usual time before her mirror,she applied her peach lipstick when ever she came across AB.

One day,an interesting topic came on to their table,brought in by deepak,"AB what kinda girl would you like?",AB's eyes wanted avira to look into them,avira's heart started beating at high rate.Then the answer came.."umm..a girl who wears lot of bangles and puts kajal and any girl would look gorgeous in onion pink dress",he looked at avira,but she didn't.The same question was posed to avira and she felt like shouting AB's name,but answered plainly,"a guy with good sense of humour".Avira wanted to go out for shopping,she searched all malls,got an onion pink skirt paired with a white lace top.Both their eyes searched for each other,every day.AB listened avira telling priya that she will wear blue dress the next day.And the next day,both were in blue,the other day both were in white.They both knew that they were deeply attracted to each other.

Avira would smile looking into mirror,AB spent more time under shower blushing.Class mates of AB noticed this change in him.The next day morning,AB was with his friends under a tree at the law school and avira wore that onion pink skirt and white top,with a dozen bangles on her right hand and repalced her spects with lens that day.Highlighted her large almond shaped eyes with dark kajal.She wanted to show herself to tom.She went to Law school in the morning that day in the campus,it was a beautiful block,she choose her school friend ritha as a reason to get there,she met ritha and the bangles sound reached the ears of tom,he turned,he could see avira prettier than usual,avira found that he saw her,she passed by his side wantedly,an that air,which blew over her,her skirt flew,her hair went messy,her bangles sounded more and AB could feel this attraction getting deeper.AB was faking to be a guy with good sense of humour.Both started trying to impress each other and were faking each other.

Next day was avira's birthday and that night she found AB's number on her mobile.At 12'O clock,AB after thinking many times called her,and the heart beat rose to extreme levels for avira,she picked the call,she heard his voice,he wished her,this is the first time that they spoke with the words.Silence ruled for minutes and then avira thought to break it,and wished good night.She wanted to send so many messages to him through mails,but they were only saved in the drafts.The next evening,no friends accompanied them,they were alone,they just wanted to jump into each other,but they can't.It was getting darker,avira thought of leaving,AB came along her side,he just put this song from his mobile"suraj hua madam...chand jalne laga".Both were walking,she just wanted to play with his hair,and he wanted to put his arms around her waist and walk.They could relate to the lyrics of that song,mainly with the sentence.."kya he mera pehla-pehla pyaaar he".Her hostel came,he slowly took her name and wished her good night,she blushed and said "wish you the same tom,this name suits you",smiled and ran into the hostel.Both were in their dreams,recollecting those moments.Both enrolled into crafts club,that weekend it was pottery and students were asked to choose their partners,everyone went on,avira and AB were left,wantedly they were waiting for each other.

Yes,they are a couple,their fingers touched during pottery training,and AB found clay on avira's right cheek,he wanted to rub it,he called her,she looked into his eyes,that was the first time,that both of them looked each other clearly,Ab's fingers came close to avira's face,and she wanted him to do it,but her conscience didn't want this,immediately she got back and cleaned herself.They blushed again.Avira would read both their names,felt happy since both their names start with 'A'.She couldn,t believe that two years passed in this way and she felt so low as AB will be graduating and leaving.A day before tom's graduation day,she as usually met him at the canteen and with her eyes down,asked him to write the slam book for her,he wrote everything,and he wanted to write those 3 magical wors,"I LOVE YOU" in her slam book.He was about to write it and then his stupid friend dev came and urged him to come with him,AB handed over the slam to Avira and smiled and was in a rush.She read it for 100 times and blushed in her room.She found a paper in her bag,"Hope 2 c u tomorrow at wonderla clock by 10.30am-Tom :)".Wonderla clock is a spot in the law school,it was at the top of the building,it was named so because,one can get the entire view of the campus from that place and it seems wonderful.It was graduation day for AB.All the law school students were at the auditorium.

Avira wore her onion pink skirt again and AB rushed to the auditorium early because his name was second in the list.It's already 10.00,avira rushed from hostel to law school,she ran with joy,she climbed the stairs,she was in a hurry,she reached the wonderla clock.It's already 10.30,looking around for tom.Tom aka AB wasn't there,she called him,his mobile was turned off due to low battery.AB at the auditorium,found that his name was pushed to 8th place and feeling sorry for avira,he wanted to go there,he couldn't call her from the auditorium,he was so helpless.Here,avira waited for an hour,two more hours passed to say those magical word to him ,couldn't find tom.At the auditorium,they didnt allow students to leave till evening.Avira wrote a note "Waited for 2 long hours :(" and pinned it at the clock and went back to her hostel.AB was busy with his parents,friends and faculty,it was evening and this stupid friend,dev came upto wonderla clock for the last time to look at the campus,he found this note and laughed,found it stupid and threw it and went down.AB hurrily reached the clock,he knew,avira would leave some thing for him.He found nothing,with a small pain he went down and his parents hurried him to vacate the hostel.He called her...her mobile kept ringing,but none picked.Avira lost her mobile on her way back to hostel.AB left.Avira searched for her phone,couldn't find it,she felt a deep pain.Day's passed,avira used to look at the law school,felt the pain and moved.She got busy with her acad's,topped her class,her brilliance was famous in the campus.Grabbed a placement in one of the top companies.

It's 2014 now,Abhay Thomas a famous lawyer,got a call from a company to deal their case.They wanted him to meet the project manager to deal with the rival company.AB was inside the cabin,he waited for an hour,he could see a lady in pencil skirt,silky hair pulled into a pony tail talking on a phone,turned back.He noticed her sexy butt.He smiled and sat back,then this lady entered the cabin with a file in one hand and mobile in the other.It was Avira :O.Both were shocked to see each other and there was joy in avira's voice,a joy that can be seen when you meet your 'friend' after many years,"Hey Abhay(no more AB),How are you,glad to meet you here",Abhay smiled and with out any delay she got into the topic and explained him looking into his eyes.This time there is no more attraction between them.She could easily look into his eyes and speak,it was the same with AB too.Both of them wanted to wrap up their meeting by 7'o clock.

Their meeting was over,she wished him and got into her cab,her colleague's name Manas,flashed on her mobile.She took the call,"Arey baba,am coming to the restaurant,with the project,on the way manas",she always had a soft corner for manas,a sincere guy who was charming but she never noticed it.She didn't bother to apply her lip-stick,didn't mind about her messy hair.AB on the other side reached the shopping mall,where rebecca was shopping for her wedding gown.Avira got into the restaurant,manas was there sitting,he ordered a lot of food for her,she happily ate it and didn't feel shy to burp loud.Manas liked it,he wasn't a perfect guy,but he always liked avira for her nature and attitude.

He loved being embarssed when she spoke loud.Avira was in her own skin.It was VALENTINES DAY and manas took out a ring and said "Avira,will you marry me?I love you!".Avira was surprised,she shouted in joy and said "yes!!".Eveyone in the restaurant were panicked,but manas know how she reacts.He understands her.They were emotionally attached,not attracted.Avira herself didn't know that she loves manas.She was so much carried away in his company."She whispered,"I love you,too" and smiled.Rebecca,AB's fiancee,pulled him aside,"AB,though our parents matched us,i just wanted to tell this to you before we get married next week,I love you AB :)".AB smiled,he was comfortable with her,he looked into her eyes,and said he loved her too.

After a week,wedding preparations were high at avira's home.She and her mom were busy in cleaning the house and her mom found a bag at the corner of a rack.She pulled it down,she could see,avira's college day's dresses old and folded.Avira came up,she felt happy to see them,she found the onion pink skirt,it was still the same,she couldn't remind anything,he was one just friend of her during college and smiled at her stupidity,but she got up and messaged to attend her wedding that weekend,and she received a message from him stating "Sorry,yaar,my wedding is also on the same day".Both smiled.Avira's father called her to check the wedding cards brought home by manas.She winked at him,he blushed :)

The initial one was not a love story,it was an incident where two people were caught in deep attraction.They were not destined.They never loved or understood each other,they always tried to impress each other,they were faking with themselves.God knew this,that this magic would never last forever.The three magical words,weren't meant to each other.Avira was destined to spell those 3 magical words to manas and AB to rebecca.Time changes everything.Maturity makes you stronger.Both Avira and AB went busy in their lives,this change showed them new paths,they were destined to meet their people,whom they truly loved,who they never tried to impress,before whom they never faked,they were they,and those people loved them in that way itself. Manas and Rebecca may not be perfect,but they are truly perfect for Avira and Abhay :).

This story is dedicated to all those who felt that they missed some one in their life or still missing them or for anyone.Never let those 3 magical words feel cheap,if you are destined to be,those word will come from your side,you would become dare enough to tell them.They are meant to be only for the special one's of your life.You don't need to force yourself.Those words would come infront of the right people in true sense.God knows what is right for you,so never feel sad of missing anything,he will be always there for you.Just trust him and move on with the to-do works.:)
Hope you liked it :),thanks for reading!!


Eveyone asks me,"Why do you create a new blog everytime?",answer is..umm..i like refreshment,Whatever,My red nail polished fingers started to blog after a gap,not an issue, junior,a smart girl srujana,she asked to share my feeling over graduation(okay,engineering,i mentioned it,abb ego hurt ny honge :p kisike),she wanted me to write a blog ,but i was skipping due to my lazyness or whatever,But an incident that i came across today made me to write this blogl-The Incident was:I and my dad were at a supermarket,there came this uncleji with countable hair strands on his head :p ;) along with his son who ran into us.The question came up,"what's your daughter is upto?",a simple answer came from my dad,"nothing-gave her final exams :)" and even without asking,uncleji gave us information about his giraffe son :p who smiled within himself looking into his mobile once in a while(bhagwan jaaney baat kya h :p ;)),"He too completed his exams and finally a graduate:)"-all smiles!.Immediately the expected question,"Did hema get placed?my son got placed in Amazon!(did v ask him:p,hahaha,acceptable-it's a syndrome faced by parents when their children get palced ;)".And my cool dad answered-"Ha Yes!".uncleji:"So she's also a successful graduate :)".We came out of the supermarket,and his dad went to get his 4-wheeler from the parking slot and me and my dad were there looking for golgappe ;).We saw an old lady with a huge bag of groceries in her hand finding it difficult to get down from the stairs.She made a call to this son ji,"Beta,if u don't mind,could you please carry this bag for me and place it in my car,my driver is not here yet".Son ji looked at her as if she asked him to buy the supermarket for him.The answer from this son ji:"What??me??hello aunty,i donno your name,sorry am not a worker of this supermarket ha?and why the hell did u climb these stairs when you know that you can't come down?(busy in chating in his smartphone)How silly and how these people ask such sense less help when some one is in a hurry?"(hurry?wat hurry idiot?chatting?gaming?).

I and my dad were shocked,immediately my dad went and took the bags from her and helped her to get near her car and then the car came with his father in it and i couldn't stop myself from saying a oneliner on this In-a-hurry son,as he was getting into the car,i called his name out,got to him,"Hello Mr.Graduate,how silly and senseless you are?The HR of Amazon could have been here,god know's how u graduated with so much of ignorance".Son ji was confused,some how got into the car,am sure his father could have quizzed him regarding what i talked and son ji would have thought and understood what i meant.I don't know whether am right or wrong,but i really felt that the degree he got is of no use.

This made me feel that ,Are students really graduating?what the hell are we learning in 4 long years?quarelling?gossiping?enmeitiy?stupidity?arrogance?ignorance?dishonoring?meaning less thinking?arguing?insulting?mindless planning?Actually what...wah..what??graduation is part of a life which will help us to gain maturity,which enhances our ideology,which makes to think deep,to understand things in a more positive and appropriate manner.I have few things that i would like to share,so that all of truly can be called as graduates.

-First and foremost thing is,to believe in ourselves and  getting rid of fear.Do believe in your thoughts,in your ideology,do share things and stuff with your friends and faculty which is a positive habit,it means that you are ready to invite suggestions and reviews.
-this word 'FRIEND',seriously,makes me alert.Never limit yourself in talking or doing stuff with 2 or 3 special buddies of you,and don't make yourself a part of sum group in your class.Come on,there are so many wonderful and awesome people around you,identify them,speak out,be friendly with people around you,try to explore,and find goodness in everyone.If you are not doing this,you are gonna miss some beautiful people and friends in your graduation.
-Never under-estimate your class mates and never insult them for what they are.At the end of the day,no one is perfect in this world.And if at all it's perfect,why would god have created us?
-Whatever may be the work assigned to you,do it with love.Even if you hate a subject,read it with love(Imagine your favourite actor/actress in every page ;),believe me it works ;)).
-'Dignity of labour' is one thing that has to be kept in mind.No matter what you are,beauty lies in being obedient and down to earth :)
-For god sake,don'keep on gossiping about some one's life,they are not celebs yaar,after all,they are your friends.And it doesn't bring you anything except self-disturbance :p.
-Don't get into sense less relationships,i mean don't keep on pouring saliva over every other girl/boy,that would mess up your 4 long years,if the person doesn't turn out to be a right one.So wait till you find its high time to express yourself to some one,till then just see n enjoy ;)
-Don't let the humanity (which is the main thing) die in you.Little bit of social responsibility tho banta he na.Never turn into an "escapist",this kind of attitude will abolish everything.
-Dare to speak out,and identify those extra talents hidden in you,(who knows ,your passion for photography can make you world's best photographer?).If you feel like dancing on the dias,go...get on n start dancing :)
-Accept failures but don't get habituated to them.Start finding opportunities instead of finding obstacles.
-Never expect everyone to be like you and never feel low about what you are.
-Do plan and set priorities(you need to have clear idea about your priorities).

I don't say that "This is it",but i think these are the minimum qualities that we need to imbibe in our graduation,which helps in being a good human being.Getting placed or getting a great gpa's,grades or what ever simply doesn't completely mean we are successful and graduates.These are only a part to state that we are graduates.But the true meaning of education and graduating lies in understanding the simple means and having maturity in dealing things,situations and people.So, before we call ourselves as graduates,let's question our capabilities :) and morale.

Gyann bahut hogaya na :0,hahaha...Chill,thanks for reading and stay happy,and really suits you :) :D

Picture abhi baaki hey mere doston ;) :)

I don't know what made me to write this blog,but yea,i thought this is the only way that i can pour myself out!
Engineering has come to an end,these last days seem to be more beautiful,may be this is the reason that i wanted to write this blog,may be i just wanted all my friends out there to just smile and laugh at the things i point's not may be-It is ....finally i agree :) :p.The last days are making me emotional :) :(

So yea..let me take you into the journey of engineering !get ready for that ha :p
Caution:This blog may seem to be lengthy,but itna tho banta he na yaar,akhir chaar saal ka engineering ko ek page me capture karna bole tho....hope you understood :p

I haven't qualified for IIT,but what ever i got, was much more than what i expected.I was a simple girl with a pony,half curled hair,with some baby fat initially attended my orientation day with my mom and dad.I saw so many faces in the auditorium and hahaha,i didn't have this thought of writing a blog in my final year.After all the long speeches by the 'Dignetaries',the chance was given to the freshers.I could see seniors in the college standing out of the hall observing things happening inside and boyzz concentrating and selecting girls for ragging and patana kinda things ;).I looked at my mom,she smiled and there i go,i got up,went onto the dias,just said a dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots "Kaabil honey k liye pado..kaamiyabi tho apne aap aajayegi".
That's it!got down..after all the formalities got back home.

So the first day to college(without parents :p) wasn't horrible for me,i was bit sincere :p,so no one actually dared to rag me :p.So many senior boys used to stand infront of our class room everyday,because of a myth or truth i don't know exactly,that CSE girls look beautiful! ;).I was a kind of a girl who never feared.I used to be the only student who answers all the dumbo questions posed by the faculty :p and behind my back so many comments,on the way i speak,i look,i keep expressions and my answers...especially my pony :p...i was 'finally' named as 93.5 Red FM :p ;) :( 
So a complete geeky girl i was...not used to speak much with my class mates but i was friendly with every one.The stupid subject drawing ;p,used to hate it like hell....thank god i passed,most of my friends were afraid of M1-Maths :p who are still trying to pass it :p.The only reason that i could pass drawing is because of my friends..i used to go to their hostel,those two girls helped me doing all the charts and i used to erase d "REDRAW" note by lecturer on the chart with pen erasers so that i could submit them again :p

The freshers party,that was okay,i still remember d small fight that happened between seniors and juniors..hahaha,that was silly!!Finally,the xamzz were over and i lost my drafter in the college bus :p(Thank god,i passed).I was one among the no acad prob's.I always missed my bus at the stop :p.As the days passed,i was gaining maturity,i started getting more open towards people,i was an active student and i am still the active :).
Suddenly we became seniors,not a big change for me,as i was very busy with books :p,i never ragged either.

The IEEE,ISTE clubs,mozilla clubs....omg,so much of fun!so many experiences....and all of a sudden,i had so many friends in the college.So many...that i even can't count them.Attending birthday parties,sharing silly jokes,the lunch boxes...the college terrace,my anchoring on college day in second year,the couples in the class,their break up's...few more gossips :p,though i never involved in these,i used to pay heed to few gossips :p....May be that's the reason that all my friends like me,because i never spoke anything rude.

I achieved many things in 4 years,initially i feared about such long duration of the course,but,but it got over so early,everything seems to be a dream!the nick names for CO sir,krish,NS OS M1 CN FLAT DBMS DAA(i can't forget this subject :p)the mass bunks,hahaha..OOP classes,labs,assignments...seminars,MPI,his phrases.,v all respect u lecturers :)..the viva's,internals,externals,answers on the benches :p,hahaha...u know whom i mean :p,answers on so many more things:p ,the important questions,attendance issues,condonations,college fests,cmg to cls with a single notes and no pen :p was so wonderful.

And now...itz entirely changed!i can no more chase bus,i don't need to write assignments,don't need to compete for marks,no lab uniform,no records,no spiral binding,no more canteen hangouts,no more fights,no more silly jokes and conversations,no more b'day parties,no more nick names,no more complaints,no lunch box sharing with class mates,no updates in class groups in fb,no rakhi,no holi with friends in campus,no group photos,no important questions,no library,no all in one's :p :( :( :( 

I started getting closer with people and getting more friendly,each and every day i grew,i learnt,i explored,i loved...and now that after being placed in a good MNC,i may not worry about my future(atleast for few years :p) but i miss all these things :(.Each one of us have our own plans,wishes.The college gave me everything and these days are memorable and beautiful only because all you were there in it,who made it beautiful for me.I learnt so many things from each one of you.Each one of you helped me in building up my career,You were all there always to support me,to cheer for me,to make noise whenever i got onto the dias :'(,you all loved me for what i am,and i always tried to re-invent and re-discover myself so that i can stay positive and love you all.This is why "You" all turned to be my "FRIENDS".

I may not have the first crush in college but i had my first FRUSH(the term i gave for friendship ;)).I fell in love with each of you.I am complete because of you.Tears rolling down my cheeks :'(,thank god i didnt put any make-up,it would have been spoiled because of tears,hahahaha!!We came as strangers..but look v became friends when leaving :)

Love you all,and i intentionally never hurted any one,even though i apologize if at all something like that has ever happened :).And stop getting emotional ha :\,arey just leaving college,it doesn't mean we are leaving each other,as time passes...things change,and v change,but hope our emotions don't.We can meet when ever possible,and so much is actually waiting,i mean the world is waiting for us...let's step in to it."FINALLY",Let's welcome this Positive Change,aur ha,don't forget to invite me for ua b'days and shadi's ha...oyyee...."PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HEY MERE DOSTON...:D :) :P

I dedicate this blog to all my friends and final year students :),hope each one you have a story to share and memories to remember :) now :) you at Farewell!!
All the best!!
                                                                                                   -Hema Bhaupriya :)

Mozilla Club At BIES

A club inauguration at Balaji Institute Of Technological Sciences(BIES) on March 4th was a wonderful experience for me.A guy Mr.Bala Subramaniam from his college along with his team Mr.Sandeep,Mr.Venkat,Mr.Mayank Garg,Mr.Vijay Martha and Ms.Sameera approached me regarding club and the activities and contribution that they can do for mozilla and open source community.Their enthusiasm energized me.Immediately I shared this with my college mozillians and we as a team accepted their invitation.

Those people from BIES worked very hard to get permissions from their college management and I can understand how difficult it would be during the month of college fests ;).We planned to make it in feb itself,but due to few issues,we postponed it on march 4th.Me along with Ajay kumar-an active member of warangal community,Bhargav,Hemanth (without whom these events couldn't have been possible) reached the college by 9.30 AM,Mayank and Sandeep were present there to take us to the seminar hall.There I could find the entire team of BIES busy with preparations.I really liked the way they were planning.Each one of them were so active.I could see a beautiful stage and suddenly the hall is completely filled with huge number of students.I was called upon the dias along with the principals,directors,Ajay accompanied me.The jyothi prajwalana and the prayer song were performed,and it was so traditional.After each one of  us addressing,there came a surprise to me and to every one,the new contributors of BIES planned for a LOGO launch for their college club.

That was a fantastic idea!!And then my session started where i introduced them regarding open source,mozilla,it's mission all that stuff that could make them aware of community.Later Ajay covered the FSA project.I could see many students interested in the community.After the session we had a feedback session where i could see only few students giving it actually.But,when i went home,my inbox was full with mails asking me more details regarding mozilla and i was more than happy to share.I could see many girl students coming forward.

Even Bharath,Sudheer,Sharan few more contributors form my college attended this session.After this official ceremony,we headed to the canteen and thank you so much for the team of BIES for inviting us to your college and especially for the famous dosa of your college ;) :)

I thank the management of BIES and my team for their support,and congratulations for the team of BIES,it was fun hanging out with you people.My special thanks to Ashish sir,and thank you each one of you and hope that you are gonna make it to the top in the community.I thank my mentor Mr.Gautham raj for supporting me and giving me a chance to make a come back and for having faith in me.We welcome you all into mozilla community,an Awesome community with Awesome people like you :)
Thanks for reading my blog :D

The dias......
 Team of BIES
 On to the dias!
 Jyothi prajwalana

 Address time :)
 The LOGO launch :D
 Hall filled with students....

 My team....AJ,Bhargav,Hemanth!

 Our team with the awsome people of BIES,sameera ua missing :p